Buyer Services

Services we provide to Buyers

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Information Session at first meeting that familiarizes the buyer with the process, costs and contracts, etc., associated with buying a home in the greater Vancouver area.

Counsel on the buyer’s wants, needs and expectations, and how they align with the current market.

Advice on how to develop a long-term vision as well as set goals for their personal real estate needs and investment portfolios.

Access to our trusted network of industry professionals, including mortgage brokers, professional inspectors, accountants, lawyers/notaries, trades people, etc.

Establishing a risk tolerance profile for home quality and location to exclude unsuitable properties, e.g. leaky condos, certain types of title, environmental or neighbourhood factors, etc.)

A selection of suitable properties to view, and pre-scheduled showings that suit the buyer’s availability.

A market analysis for all prospective properties.

The preparation and presentation of offers with clear, objective pros and cons that are negotiated to the maximum benefit of the buyer.

Objective advice and counsel throughout the subject removal process.

A post-subject removal checklist, including a schedule of tasks required to complete the sale (moving checklist, utilities, change of address forms, etc.).

Assistance throughout pre- and post-move process.

Annual scheduled market updates on home value and market conditions.