Market Watch



  • Chronological history of all listings from time of website creation
  •  Ability to ‘discard' listings you no longer wish to view, thus creating a running ‘hotlist'
  • Ability to specify many parameters, e.g., lot frontage, floor area, bylaw restrictions, number of kitchens, age, zoning, outdoor space, etc., etc.
  • Updates by email when there's a new listing or sale of an existing listing on the site
  • Dollar-per-square foot values posted
  • Multiple pictures and mapping function
  • Ability to email us at anytime from the site with questions or parameter requests
  • Multiple sites can be created; track your current properties value and/or multiple areas of interest!
  • Share your login data with your partner, friends, or co-investors



Have a specific type of property or market-niche (e.g., houses in Cambie, or 2bdrms w/ rentals in Kits) that you're interested in tracking?


This service is free, passive, and likely the best way to build a relevant frame of reference. You provide an email address and some basic parameters (see form below) and we will quickly create a website for you that tracks all listings that match, maintains a chronological database, adds new listings as they come on the MLS, and updates each listing with sales data, $/sf values, time on market, and more.


It's a fantastic tool for tracking values in your own neighborhood, or building an ongoing and current database to refer to if planning a future purchase.


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