Market Evaluation

What’s my home worth? This tends to be on most people’s mind if you own Real Estate. You may have a good idea based on your observations of the market but truth be told the only real way to know what something is worth is to sell it. The definition of market value is; ~The price range for an item within which both a buyer under no unreasonable duress will buy and a seller under no unreasonable duress will sell.~ We are not suggesting that you hang a for sale sign on your lawn and say to the market “tell me what it’s worth” it is a bit more scientific than that. We use an appraisal technique called a Comparative Market Analysis.  The ‘CMA’, is an analysis and comparison of listed and sold properties comparable to your property that is conducted for the purpose of identifying its expected market value. So by looking at similar properties to yours that have recently sold we can come up with a probable outcome of what your property is worth today.


We have found that the best way for us to conduct an accurate evaluation on your home is to break the CMA into two steps.


Step 1 (The Tour)

Our first meeting will be at the property where you will take us on a tour of your home so that we familiarize ourselves with it and get to know each other. The goal of this meeting is to get to know the property and its condition so that we are making an accurate comparison to the recent sales. Apples to apples so to speak. We will discuss your willingness to make improvements that may increase the value and/or saleability of the property as well as your short and long term real estate goals. With all of this information in mind we can now go off and create the most accurate and comprehensive CMA on your home. This meeting usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes.


Step 2 (The CMA)

On our second visit we will have done all of our work and prepared a comprehensive CMA tailored to your specific home and real estate goals.


Goals of this Presentation


•                         Discuss and review your immediate and long term real estate goals.

•                         Review current market conditions and projected market trends.

•                         Review the 3 fundamentals of a successful sale.

•                         Establish your home’s unique features and benefits as well as its challenges.

•                         Discuss any improvements that may increase the value and/or saleability of the property.

•                         Establish who the target market is for the home.

•                         Review similar properties that are listed on the market and recently sold.

•                         Review and discuss a suggested list price range for your home.

•                         Establish a realistic price range that you can expect your home to sell within.

•                         Discuss price strategy options.

•                         Review all costs associated with the sale of the home.

•                         Review your home’s unique marketing plan.

•                         Discuss strategy and timing for putting your home on the market.

•                         Present our Service Guarantee.


Thanks for taking the time to read and fill in the market evaluation request form. We look forward to meeting with you.


Best regards,

Bret and Dana


Market Evaluation
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