Code of Ethics

Client motivated, not commission motivated
Our efforts to listen, understand, and advise are solely focussed on what is best for our clients. We absolutely believe our long term success with repeat and referral clientele is based on this ethic.

Realistic Market Pricing
We do not buy listings. Interpreting the accurate market value of a home, and presenting this objectively, is the best way to provide the most realistic pricing options for our clients to consider.

Knowing our Market Area
If we do not believe our client will be best served by ourselves in a particular market area that we are not familiar with, we will refer to a qualified realtor.

We will always give our clients clear, honest information and advice.

No ‘Kickbacks’
When referring clients to related services and professionals (eg, brokers, tradespeople, inspectors), we choose these referrals based solely on who we believe can perform best for our clients, and do not accept any kickbacks or remuneration for doing so.